In peer-reviewed journals

Leone, Tharcisio (2019). Intergenerational mobility in education: Estimates of the worldwide variation. Journal of Economic Development, 44(4):1-42.
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Other publications

Leone, Tharcisio (2019), The Illusion of Equal Opportunity in the International Education System, GIGA Focus Global, 01/2019, Hamburg: GIGA.

Working papers

The geography of mobility: Evidence of intergenerational educational persistence and the Great Gatsby Curve in Brazil. GIGA Working Paper, No. 318, July 2019, Hamburg: GIGA. [Paper under Review].
[WorkingPaper] [OnlineAppendix] [DatainBrief] [Presentation]
The gender gap in intergenerational mobility: Evidence of educational persistence in Brazil. FU-Berlin Discussion Paper, No. 27, December 2017. [Paper under Review].
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Manuscripts in progress and under review

Measuring social distancing: An empirical analysis using geo-location data from smartphones. [Paper under Review].
[Draft] [DatainBrief] [Presentation]
Does a productivity bonus pay off? The effects of teacher-incentive pay on student achievement in Brazilian schools. [Paper under Review].
[Draft] [OnlineAppendix] [DatainBrief] [Presentation]
Paying for improvements: The impact of teacher-incentive bonuses on teaching practices in classroom (joint with Michael Henry). [Paper in Progress]. [ABSTRACT]
The Transmission of Educational Deficits: The performance gap between students from teachers graduated in public and private universities. [Paper in Progress]. [ABSTRACT]
Moving to Success: Children’s educational outcomes from moving out of high-poverty neighborhoods. [Paper in Progress]. [ABSTRACT]

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